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a couple in love

Is there anything dreamier than gold brocade wallpaper and burnt umber tassels in a pub decor? Try a beautiful couple on the side of a hill, the wind gusting, done up to the nines clutching an insanely dreamy bouquet and snogging like it's midnight on the 31st December 1999. Scratch that, homemade soup and cake in the house that inspired Charlotte Bronte to get Cathy tapping on that window for Heathcliff. Dreamtime overload? Well I got to experience all that dreaminess (can you tell I favour the word dream?) on Wednesday when I joined a bunch of brilliant, inspirational women at The Secret Retreat Fireside Workshop at Ponden Hall, West Yorkshire. And to top that all we got to be called Cathy for the day -I've always thought it an underused name.- I can't say enough about how great it was as someone at the beginning of splitting my business in two to benefit from the advice and support from the invaluable Claire Penn, Andrea Ellison, Melissa Love and Lucy Woodrow. Without being too much of a kiss arse, I've followed Claire Penn from the beginning of her journey and mine and she's been an inspiration from the start. It was amazing to hang out with these ladies for a day and just spend time with like minded people picking their brains on our businesses.

The styled shoot was a great added bonus, with incredible suppliers pitching in -The flowers were insanely gorgeous, made by Stems Design, The make up was done by the brilliant Jenn Edwards, The venue Ponden Hall was amazing! A huge thanks to couple Casey and her fiancé who are genuinely getting married next year. Casey does the most incredible artwork which you can see here.

Right I'm off to make myself a brew and overhaul my business from the inside. Here's to 2018, the year of Lucy 'Cathy' Napier Photography and Film.

Heathcliffs window at Ponden Hall, Yorkshire
chocolate cake and victoria sponge
wild flower growing on the hills
dark couples portraits at Ponden Hall
black and white couples portrait
emily bronte styled shoot Ponden Hall
light and airy couples portraits
beautiful burgundy bouquet and button hole
taking photos from behind the foliage
Lucy Napier Photography couples portraits
wild moors couples photography Lucy Napier
winter bouquets burgundy and grey
couple pose in front of a stunning view
wild elopement photography couples portraits
gold brocade wallpaper and burnt orange tassels
dark pub with gold brocade wallpaper


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