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I met up with Heather and Niels and of course their gorgeous puppy Kippen (Dutch for chicken!) this past week in the beautiful Cheshire countryside for their engagement shoot.

I do love an engagement shoot (also known as a couples shoot or a pre wedding shoot) because it gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, (the couple should already know each other but you never know!) and it gives you the opportunity to get a bit used to being in front of the camera (when I say being in front of the camera I mean getting used to me shouting "have a snog!" at you from the other side of a field). But really, it's an ideal way to have a bit of a practise before the real thing. YOUR WEDDING DAY!

This particular engagement shoot took place in the incredible Cheshire countryside, exactly where Niels took Heather to propose! A stones throw from where they're going to get married next year in a picturesque village just near Knutsford.

We trekked through the fields, wandered down dreamy country lanes and popped out by the gorgeous village church where they will tie the knot next year. Kippen of course stole the show (at one point she made Niels chase her across an entire field) but we had so much fun! I cannot wait to shoot this pair's wedding next year.

If you'd like your own engagement shoot or you'd like to add one on to your wedding package get in touch!


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