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I'm Lucy! When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me snuggled on the sofa or strolling round our all time favourite holiday destination -Blackpool- with my little family.

I won't lie, I like to be comfy. I'm sat writing this in an oversized cardigan, soft, soft joggers and most importantly I'm in bed under a brushed cotton duvet cover (if you don't know what that is google it and then press go to checkout).

I love to travel with my film camera (and for weddings!) and countries I've visited and shot in include Kenya, Canada, France, Vietnam and India. Still on my bucket list is South America and Hawaii and I love Las Vegas. Hobbies include sipping on a brew (that picture is misleading, I much prefer a tea bag to loose leaf)  drooling over dinosaurs or trying to keep my cactus collection alive.

"HOW HAVE YOU MANAGED TO KILL A CACTUS?!" - a  genuine quote from my tree surgeon brother.

Alongside people, I'm drawn to flowers and greenery, I don't have a reason for this, I JUST LOVE BLOOMS!


"If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gon' love somebody else? Can I get an Ayyy- men,"


"All major theme parks have delays, when they opened Disney Land in 1956 nothing worked"

"Yeah but John, if 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' brakes down, the pirates don't eat the tourists"



John Hammond and Ian Malcolm - Jurassic Park 


When I'm not photographing weddings I work in telly production!


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