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Couple pose under a tree at a Kenyan wedding

So...This is going to be a bit of a long one.

Remember these two? Anna and Edwin, my sister and my now brother in law (hi bro!) sprung their engagement on me mid family walk last year and we got some cracking pics in the great british countryside. You can re-live it here if you like a bit of love in the fields ;)

The scenery when they next got in front of my lens was a little different.

These guys had friends from all over the world travel to celebrate with them from as far away as Australia and as close as Uganda. I flew out to Kenya with the rest of the family and around thirty of Anna's British friends in October to shoot and of course be a guest at their amazing Kenyan British fusion wedding.

We arrived in Nairobi a week before the ceremony and what a time we had, you can see some of the amazing animals we saw over on the Starwinkle blog but let's just say Timon and Pumba would have been proud.

elephants graze at the watering hole Kenya Africa
Kenyan ranch Lolldaiga Hills
flower arranging for the wedding

a wedding bouquet in a bucket

a relaxing beer after moving haybales

wedding flowers on the lawn ready to be placed
A little boy and his uncle

Marquee overlooking Mount Kenya

A row of tents look out over the African scenery

The wedding arch is put up by guests

The big day

It was up early the next day to set everything out and welcome the caterers Rusty Nail so they could get the pigs and chickens raised on Edwin's family farm, (you can't get more organic than that!) on the go for the big feast that night. And then of course it was time to get ready! Edwin headed up to the tents where the guests were staying to get ready with his brothers whilst we stayed down at the farm house with Anna for bridal prep. I was also joined by my second shooter for the day Eugene, find him on Instagram

Anna's dress, made by Galina Tatarinova was a beautiful mix of African fabric and traditional ivory and looked stunning as it trailed behind her. Anna and Edwin did things a little differently and we as a family met Edwin's family at the top of the aisle before Anna and Edwin walked down together to get married .

It was then up to a beauty spot overlooking Mount Kenya for sundowner cocktails and apart from a rogue buffalo it all went smoothly! I took this opportunity to sweep the happy couple away for half an hour and we were taken by a ranger up to the memorial with absolutely stunning views and of course wild elephants and giraffes to accompany us on our portrait shoot.

tents lined up in Kenya

Lolldaiga Hills ranch, Kenya

A man sits amongst hay bales

wedding button holes and table decorations

girls get ready for a wedding

father of the bride poses for a photo

mother of the bride gets ready

two guests get ready for a wedding

guest in snazzy trousers licking a lolly pop

ladies pose for a group photo

the groom poses for a portrait before his wedding

Wayfarer Events Kenya Marquee

Mother of the bride gets emotional

the two mothers meet on the wedding day

The bride gets into her dress

The father of the bride walks his daughter to her wedding

The bride and groom stand under an arch

the grooms parents watch their son marry

the bride and groom say their vows

the bride and groom say their vows

the grooms brothers watch the ceremony

rings are exchanged British Kenyan fusion wedding

a reading is said at the british kenyan wedding in Kenya

The first kiss wedding in Kenya

British Kenyan fusion wedding

kids run down the aisle at a wedding

The bride and groom walk up the aisle newly married

confetti at a english african wedding

on safari at the wedding

people gather for the wedding reception

guests mingle at a wedding reception

a little girl holds a cup of tea

two men sit on a hay bale
the bride and groom pose on top of a view point

wild giraffes on safari
bride on a hill for bridal portraits

love between the bride and groom

beautiful sunset red sky over Kenya

the bride and groom smile together

the bride and groom embrace

black and white portrait of a hug

bride and groom pose on a hill african dress draped

bridal portrait

bridal portraits

silhouetted bridal portrait

wild elephants safari Lolldaiga hills

The Meru has a new member

Anna and Edwin were greeted back into the venue with traditional singing and dancing by the Kenyan Meru women.

It was amazing! Everybody singing at dancing as they made their way to the marquee for a marvellous buffet and speeches. Every member of the top table made a speech and then it was time to cut the cake made by the female members of each family. A tier was even flown in from Cheshire made by our Granny who sadly couldn't make it. I've never seen such an international cake. A brilliant cake speech was made by our Aunty Rhiannon and then it was on to the first dance serenaded by a live band 'The Itch Band' who sung Ben E King's 'Stand By Me'. The party didn't stop until gone two. What a wedding, an amazing time had by everyone no matter which continent they had come from.

The traditional Meru wedding greeting

Meru wedding dancing

dancing into the wedding

taking pictures of Meru dancing

the marquee wayfarer events Nanyuki Kenya

table decorations Kenya wedding

Meru dancing

wedding buffet

guests clap at speeches

toy elephant at a table

father of the bride gives a speech

the bride and groom laugh at the speeches

Lolldaiga Hills ranch speeches

child in a snowsuit at a wedding

little girl at her uncles wedding
mother and father of the groom make a speech
toast to the bride and groom

cutting the cake

the cake speech kenya
kids film on their phones

bride makes a speech

little boy sleeps in his pushchair

I Just can't stop watching their video! watch it yourself below


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