Fee and Tex

Geometric, Owls and Botanical Succulent Dreams.

Oh how I loved this wedding! Fee and Tex got married on Remembrance Sunday at Owen House Wedding Barn and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS.

As I arrived, The Manchester Florist was hanging some amazing flowers in geometric metal shapes from the ceiling and festooning the top table with beautiful botanical greenery and bazillions of succulents. Well I was in immediate heaven. Fee is a fellow photographer (and a bloody good one too) so obviously I was nervously excited about shooting her wedding, but she made it easy. She looked absolutely incredible, with her subtly died violet hair, which fitted in perfectly with the purple hues dotted around the decor and details of her flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, grooms mens ties and even her sister Nik's hair.

It all came together incredibly. Fee and Tex's wedding was filled with so much love and you could just tell what a tight knit family they all are. The best man, who was bride Fee's sister's husband Tyler (mouthful!) made the stunning wedding dress (yes he really did!) and Fee's sister Nik, (Tex's best man, Tyler's wife ;)) made the brilliant hexagonal, geometric and succulent themed wedding cake. Talented family or what!

The ceremony was lovely (check out Fee's geometric wedding ring and geometric engagement ring!) Tex looked suitably smitten and very smart in his wedding day Vans, echoed by Fee's dad, Best man Tyler and little ring barer Coby (look out for him "looking after the wheel chair for Nana" who doesn't love a hijacked wheel chair?!).

The weather held out perfectly for November and Fee accessorised her beautiful dress with a gorgeous slouchy, grey jumper which she slipped on as we headed out to a secret location to do some portraits. The autumn hues of the leaves were still on the trees and we found ourselves by a little lake where we could make the best of the reflections and autumnal colours.

The beautiful colours of the Autumn leaves worked perfectly with the violets of Fee's hair, make up and flowers.

After we'd experimented with a few smoke bombs (making Fee's dad run around us in circles waving said smoke bomb was lots of fun) we head back into Owen House to hear the speeches and tuck into the incredible food from Vanilla In Allseasons. It was bloody delicious!

As the winter darkness had closed in around 5pm, we snuck out the back and lit some sparklers and then it was time to cut the (amazing) cake and get on the dance floor for that all important first dance. What a day! Gorgeous couple, incredible styling and just love love love everywhere.

Heart eyes all round.

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