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Exactly a year ago today I was in the glorious south of France shooting this pair's beautiful French wedding. Picture the scene... You've found the villa of your dreams, your friends and family (including your beloved dog Lucas) have flown or driven over to surround you with love and you can see the waves lapping at the shore mere metres from where you're about the tie the knot. What could be more perfect?

This was the reality, that's right REALITY of Gemma and Sarah's amazing French wedding.

Just metres from the beach the terracotta coloured Villa Mauresque sits slap bang on the edge of the sand with a beautiful view of the Cavaliere coastline on the Cote-D'azure and my goodness it was the perfect place to have a wedding. With fragrant jasmine climbing up the walls and incredible grounds it was as if it was made to get married in front of.

I'm a sucker for greenery and this place had oodles of it. The wedding breakfast tables were set up along the lawn just next to the pool bar and there was ample space on the decking for the ceremony and later the (choreographed!) dancing. The sea breeze took the edge off the heat as the sun beamed down on Gemma and Sarah's self written vows.

But don't just take my word for it, have a look for yourselves!

Gemma and Sarah's wedding was a family affair, with everybody pitching in to set out the chair's, make the bouquets and prepare the cheese platters (You can't have a French wedding without cheese!) I was there for a day before and a couple of days afterwards and the town of Cavaliere is just beautiful. In fact the whole of the Provence-Alpes-Cote is stunning and I can't wait to get back there on a holiday some time soon. Just driving through the little winding roads was like I was in a movie. Gemma wore rainbow soled shoes to say I do in and Sarah a beautiful floor length dress which twirled in the breeze. Gemma's sisters sang their first dance song with friend Ellen on guitar and their ceremony was conducted by another friend Jimbo. It was just the most wonderful day of love.

The first kiss overlooking the glorious Mediterranean Sea.

Beautiful French same sex wedding on the southern coast of France

After the ceremony and a bit of relaxing in the sun, we strolled over to the beach for some dreamy sunset portraits, joined by Lucas the dog. I love same sex weddings, especially French ones! Theres something super romantic about the Mediterranean light setting in the distance and the warm breeze.

Then it was back on to the dance floor for the flash mob, choreographed expertly by another friend Carl. What an utterly fabulous wedding in the south of France. I can't wait for the reunion!

If you're planning your own French same sex wedding send me a message! I'd love to capture it for you.


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