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two newly weds hold hands strolling down a London street

Oh my! What a wedding this was. Lucas and Nick I take my (home made) hat off to you. A day filled with love, colour, beautiful personal touches and family and friends anyone would be envious of made Lucas and Nicks wedding day one of the best I've ever been to.

After a morning getting ready at Lucas and Nicks flat (including a rather strained half hour looking for Cynthia the cat who slunk out the open patio doors), we headed over to East London to Hackney and the glorious ROUND CHAPEL where they would tie the knot. Arriving with flowers round his head and flip flops on his feet (note - the man dressed as a bride is neither of the grooms! That's none other than Louis Westwood actor extraordinaire) Lucas, who is also an actor in London walked his very smart looking groom Nick down the aisle led by a procession of their nearest and dearest so that they could get married in front of their loved ones.

Each guest wore a hand crafted hat, hoping to win in the hat competition and watched as Lucas and Nick said their vows to a backdrop of Cher bunting and copious rainbow colours draped across the impressive balcony of the Round Chapels upper levels.

The ceremony was punctuated by a rousing performance of Victoria Wood's "Let's do it" by Louis which had the guests (and me) in stitches and then a standing ovation!

It was then outside to sample the delights of the THE COPPER KITCHEN who had laid on a spread of dainty, delicious delicacies for the guests.

London's Round Chapel. Wedding venue set up.

Cher wedding decorations hanging up in the Round Chapel

Love and all aboard sign

names Lucas and Nick and a pair of wedding rings
balloons tied to a door to show a wedding

mother of the groom and groomsmen get their make up done

mother of the groom enters the room smiling

buttonholes for a wedding sunflowers

two grooms hold up Mr and Mr wedding congratulations cards

guests at a wedding

the best man and best woman adjust their bowties

the groom puts on his socks

best man adjusts his friends tie

black and white image of a man dressed as a bride

multiple wedding images of women getting ready

sunflower themed wedding at the round chapel London

man turns up to a wedding in a balloon hat

the wedding party comes down the aisle

guests clap as the two grooms arrive down the aisle for their wedding at the round chapel east London

two grooms marry in a same sex wedding in the round chapel London

groom looks emotional as he marries his husband

guests watch as two grooms say their vows

family of the groom watch as he says his vows

wedding bouquet of sunflowers

a crowd watch as two grooms marry in the round chapel east London

the rings are given to the groom by his nieces

the giving of the rings

the first kiss between the two grooms in the round chapel wedding east London

groom cries whilst watching an emotional performance at his wedding

a performer singing at a wedding in the round chapel London

grooms cry at an emotional performance at their wedding

man sings at a wedding at the round chapel east London

emotional guests cry at a performance in the round chapel

man performs a funny song for a wedding

the wedding crowd laugh at the performance

the grooms laugh hysterically at a performance of Victoria Wood's let's do it

guests laugh

guests laugh

standing ovation for the wedding performance

the grooms walk back down the aisle after getting married

emotional groom hugs a guest

emotional groom hugs a guest

a guest smiles outside

two guests with rainbow hats sip champagne

guests at a wedding pose for a photo showing off their home made hats

macaroons on a table

food at a wedding

guest dressed in a kilt at a wedding
two guests model their home made hats

a home made hat

food trucks at a gay wedding at the round chapel London

grooms and their mothers

After enjoying the beautiful cakes and East London weather we headed back inside for the crowning of the millinery champion and of course the speeches. With two best people on each side and fathers of the grooms all round we were in for a treat and more than one tear was shed. By this time the food trucks were firing up and I nabbed myself a delicious portion of feta fries from the Greek flavoured van.

I took Lucas and Nick for a stroll round the neighbourhood and we got some amazing portraits in amongst the summer flowers and brightly coloured doorways of Hackney.

They really are the sweetest couple with the best friends and family and their wedding is one of the very best I've ever been to. Hackney holds a special place in my heart but it's even more special now that I've had the opportunity to shoot a wedding in the amazing space that is the ROUND CHAPEL for this very special couple.

the winner of the hat competition receives their prize

the winners of the home made hat competition with a rainbow hat

The winners!

two grooms on the top of a unicorn wedding cake

a little girl peeks out from her mothers arms

groom wears costume glasses

mother of the groom laughs at speeches

father of the groom does a speech

guests watch as speeches continue

the groom does his speech

groom laughs

a friend cries at an emotional wedding speech

flip flops worn by the groom

the groom does a speech

man and woman in top hat and tails do a speech

two grooms listen to speeches at a same sex wedding at the round chapel

parents of the the groom smile at speeches

woman does a speech at a wedding

grooms laugh at speeches

van dough pizza truck at the round chapel east London

van dough wood fired pizza box

photographs of the groom dresses as a pantomime dame

groom portraits two grooms embrace surrounded by flowers

two men walk down a street in London holding hands and kissing

groom portraits

two grooms walk down the street holding hands at a same sex wedding at the round chapel London

two men sit outside a pink door holding hands

two men smiling and laughing with each other

two grooms posing in front of a pink door in London.

two grooms embrace in a leafy green street in London

two grooms embrace in a leafy green street in London

two grooms embrace in their first dance in London wedding venue the round chapel

guests dance at the round chapel London

grooms dance at their wedding

man dances at a wedding with lights in the background


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